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    Risk Innovation

    A guide to the top risks facing financial institutions

    When it comes to risk, the effects of the 2007-08 crisis are still being felt today. So, where do financial institutions go from here? The report examines the top five risks facing the sector and cuts through the complexity of Basel III and other regulations

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    Exclusive: reputation, cyber and political threats are the top three risks keeping risk managers awake at night


    Airmic’s annual survey shows the threats that are most important to managers in 2019. Ahead of the release of the report, StrategicRISK caught up with deputy CEO and technical director, Julia Graham, to find out how the profession needs to adapt to deal with them

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    Political risk remains front and centre


    From China and Trump to Brexit and Brussels, political risks continue to concern global businesses in 2019. How have companies adapted? And what are the biggest fears for the rest of the year?

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    How not to fail like Debenhams


    One of the UK’s largest chains of department stores fell into administration earlier this month, making it the latest in a series of high street failures. So we at StrategicRISK thought we’d ask, how can risk managers help their companies avoid the next big corporate failure?

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    Does the Notre Dame blaze mark a failure in risk management?


    The fire all but destroyed the roof of the 850-year-old building and felled its spire, to the dismay of thousands of horrified onlookers who lined the streets of Paris. Risk managers in France and across Europe ask, could the disaster have been prevented by more effective risk management?

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    Businesses at risk from surge in populism and far-right terrorism


    A surge in support for populist politicians and an uptick in the number of attacks by far-right terrorists have created an increasingly complex risk environment for firms, according to Aon.

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    How would you risk-manage the Ethiopian Airlines crash?


    Investigations are on-going as to what caused the disaster but what has ensued so far are a range of crisis risks, from reputational damage to share price loss. Risk managers offer their views on how they would lessen the impact

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    Cyber insurance to face another test after Hydro hack


    One of the largest aluminium producers in the world, Norway’s Hydro, is set to put cyber insurers to the test after a massive ransomware attack shut down the multinational’s operations

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    How risk managers can prevent the next big cyber attack


    Training employees to log themselves off the computer system when they walk away from their desks and spot suspicious emails is key to avoiding cyber breaches, the incoming head of risk and insurance for communications regulator OfCom has warned

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    Mondelez case prompts cyber warning


    As the $100m Mondelez vs Zurich case continues in the US, StrategicRISK takes a closer look at the case and what it means for risk managers globally.