Do good environmental management systems (EMSs) lead to good environmental performance? asks a new international study from Ethical Investment Research Services (EIRIS)

EIRIS found that almost all companies demonstrating improvements in environmental performance have a good EMS. A good EMS is not, however, a guarantee of good performance as judged by the degree of environmental improvement a company can demonstrate. EIRIS urges investors and regulators to look beyond words to a company's actions. The report showed:

- most (72.6%) high impact companies analysed in over 20 countries have implemented an environmental management system of at least 'moderate' standard
- almost half (48%) demonstrated some improvement in performance over the previous three years. However, big differences remain. In Switzerland, Italy and Portugal, over 75% of companies had demonstrated some environmental improvement, but this is true of fewer than 25% of companies in Hong Kong, Singapore and Ireland.

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