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    Why insurance companies are failing to deal with emerging risks


    Better training, staffing strategies and adapting product development are three effective methods to mitigating emerging risks, says the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

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    How to claim it from the weatherman


    Almost nine out of ten businesses are impacted by the weather. In other words, the fortunes of 88% of companies depend on meteorological conditions.

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    The future is in the ‘radical risk management process’


    Risk management is a mental process, not a technical one of data gathering, evaluation and reporting. Those who do nothing will just be exploited by those who constantly change and improve. So, swap tradition for a four-tiered ‘radical’ risk management process, writes Horst Simon of Risk Culture Builder

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    Are we sleep walking into a crisis?


    ’This is the way we have always done it’ is the most dangerous phrase in modern risk management argues Warren Black, founder and principal, Complexus.

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    Taking the temperature of risk


    When Kurt Meyer took the job as head of risk and insurance for the swiss national grid, he had no idea that it would lead him to reshape the conversation around risk management.

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    Three fatal mistakes corporate risk managers make


    A new paradigm in risk management is beginning to take shape, with more professionals talking about a shift to risk-based decision making and culture. But this has also uncovered some ugly truths about how we apply risk management in our businesses, writes Alex Sidorenko, chief executive of Risk Academy

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    Brexit chaos spells trouble for risk managers


    As the Brexit deadline nears, uncertainty prevails after British MPs rejected the prime minister’s deal – twice. Strategic RISK gathers the reaction of European risk managers, including the chief risk officer of French pharmaceutical company, Ipsen, who has prepared the business for a ‘hard Brexit’. Sara Benwell reports

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    Risk managers shake up insurance buying as rates climb


    Insurance managers are mulling changes to the structure of their policies in response to a push by insurers to increase prices following a devastating succession of catastrophe losses

  • Franck Baron

    Time to reposition the role of risk managers


    PARIMA chairman Franck Baron tells StrategicRISK why ’redefining risks’ will be an important central theme that will be echoed across PARIMA’s conferences and new initiatives in 2019.

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    StrategicRISK launches #ChangingRisk campaign


    Risks are changing and risk management needs to change too. That’s why we’ve launched #ChangingRisk - a campaign promoting new thinking in risk