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  • World@RISK MPU

    World@RISK: ESG & climate Change Forum 2022 - new speakers announced for 15 November


    COP27 is now underway. Described as the world’s watershed moment for climate action.  Will it be? Hear from Marsh McLennan’s Swenja Surminski and WTW’s Joe Noss as they return from Egypt to join our speaker line-up next week.

  • Coronavirus_Getty

    Preparing for pandemic


    As Coronavirus sweeps the globe, StrategicRISK examines how European businesses are dealing with the crisis and what steps risk managers can take to safeguard their organisations and employees

  • Jeremy miles headshot

    AXA Corporate Solutions UK: Ambitions to grow


    Linking product areas together in mutual support of each other, AXA Corporate Solutions is seeking opportunities to grow its business in the UK

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    Roundtable: A new age of risk uncertainty


    Increasing uncertainty, complexity around cyber, and best practice in risk cultivation within an organisation were the key topics of debate during a roundtable held by Strategic RISK and CNA Hardy

  • Malta

    Captives: explaining their potential


    Why captives have been used successfully as a form of insurance, and will likely continue to be. Claudia De Meulemeester reports

  • I stock 692837788

    Autonomous vehicles: logistics transformed


    Autonomous technology is transforming many industries. Transportation and logistics already pose complex risks for risk managers and insurance buyers. For autonomous vehicles the logistics sector will be in the vanguard of change. In association with AIG

  • Data breach i stock 000068635595 large

    What can risk managers learn from the Equifax breach?


    GDPR expert Darren Wray puts the incident under the microscope and outlines lessons learned from the fallout

  • GDPR bill

    The Dutch case for GDPR


    The Netherlands sets an example for how business can move forward despite GDPR challenges. Claudia De Meulemeester reports

  • City of london buildings lloyds

    Keeping credit markets turning – Zurich


    Banks and other financial institutions are turning to insurers to help free up capital through risk transfer deals

  • Travel claims

    No frills approach bites Ryanair


    The recent pilot debacle at airline Ryanair is a prime example of how governance decisions made at the board level can have wide reaching implications. Risk managers across all sectors should take heed of the lessons learned. By Antony Ireland

  • Hurricane Maria

    Weather risk: domino effect

    This year’s hurricane season devastated the Gulf of Mexico, but the ensuing supply chain disruption will be felt the world over. In an age of interconnectivity, supply chain visibility and continuity planning has never been more important

  • Carl Leeman

    Risk management for modern era


    Profile: Carl Leeman The chief risk officer for Katoen Natie understands the risks facing us in the digital age … and he’s keen to spread the message

  • Features

    How to stay nimble amid the hurdles


    Regulators are running risk managers ragged as they struggle to meet ever-more complex general requirements as well as the needs of their business. We check out the obstacles in their path

  • Features

    Bribery Act: Ten things you need to know


    The new UK Bribery Act is a big deal for any company operating in the UK: it’s a complex and far-reaching piece of legislation and, if something goes wrong, the buck stops at board level

  • Features

    The new world order


    Governments worldwide are planning drastic changes to the regulatory landscape, these include new duties for directors and better risk management. Neil Hodge investigates whether all the new regulation be a good or bad thing

  • Features

    Not so smart …


    Using a mobile phone can be a risky business. But while any link with cancer is still to be proved, there is no doubt about the dangers of driving and using a hand-held and the phones’ vulnerability to security lapses, writes Andrew Leslie

  • Features

    Plight of the honeybee


    Pesticides, parasites, disease – the growing list of aggressors against the humble honeybee is causing the population to die out and, Emily Miller warns, the ramifi cations will be huge

  • Features

    Still some way to go


    StrategicRISK’s latest benchmarking survey indicates that, while many organisations are seeing the benefi ts from enterprise risk management, a signifi cant number still have some distance to cover before it is fi rmly embedded in their corporate culture

  • Features

    Continental shift


    The Environmental Liability Directive has been on the agenda for years, but now that it has reached all corners of Europe, multinational organisations no longer have any excuse for turning a blind eye to the consequences of their environmental actions

  • Features

    Buncefield teachings


    What risk managers must learn from Buncefield