New solution will help manage a crisis while enabling businesses to meet their legal duty of care

Global crisis

Arthur J. Gallagher has launched an innovative crisis resilience solution, which will help corporates to meet their legal duty of care while managing a wide range of crises.

The Crisis Resilience Solution costs £500 a year and will minimise serious disruption, financial loss or adverse publicity while enabling companies to meet their legal duty of care to employees and members of the public affected by such incidents.

Paul Bassett, managing director of crisis management at Arthur J. Gallagher, said: “Any organisation could find itself impacted by any number of man-made threats at any time, such as being a target for cyber extortion, product tampering or blackmail or being inadvertently caught up in a terrorist incident. You don’t have to be a large, London-based business to be hit by a crisis and your legal obligation to safeguard those in your care, using your service or exposed to your activities remains the same whatever your size or geographic location.

“By offering 24/7 support wherever and whenever you need it, our solution will help organisations anticipate, prevent, respond to and recover from a wide variety of security crises through a powerful mix of online training, profiling and planning; on-the-ground support; emergency funding and post-incident recovery.”