eMiller researches views of risk managers

eMiller Insurance Services Limited is researching the views of risk managers at its stand at the AIRMIC conference, in order to gain an insights on the way risk managers currently purchase and plan to purchase insurance in the next 12 months.

The broker conducted a similar US survey at the recent RISMS conference.

Jon Warwick, director – corporate risks, UK and Europe, explains: “Our US survey revealed that risk managers are looking to take more control of the insurance cycle by increasing their retentions and the use of captives. It will be fascinating to compare and contrast these opinions with those of risk managers in the UK. I hope that the attendees at the AIRMIC conference will be as forthcoming as the US risk managers.”

Just over half of US risk managers surveyed are considering alternative risk transfer solutions, despite softening rates and entry of new capacity into the market, and half indicated that they plan to use captives in the coming year. Twenty four per cent thought their retentions would increase at next renewal.

The results and analysis of the AIRMIC survey will be released after the AIRMIC conference.