Willis Towers Watson’s Nicolas Aubert has fired a warning shot to risk managers and insurers alike, calling on the market to “do a better job” on cyber.

He said the first cyber policy was formed more than two decades ago but he noted that the coverage was still “miserable” compared to what the market needed.

But he said the responsibility did not just fall to insurers.

“More has to happen in the risk management upstream of the risk transfer and of course we need to make sure that insurers are going to provide the right solution,” the executive said.

“We need to do a better job with the client at understanding the risk, providing the support and tools to the client so that [they] can assess those risks,” he said, noting that some emerging risks “pretty difficult to assess and are morphing quite rapidly”

The broker said the cyber market would improve as insurers acquired more data by writing more policies.

“We are not going to wait to have the perfect cyber protection before using it,” he urged risk managers.

“But yes,” he acknowledged, “there are still gaps in covers, there are still gaps in capacity in some areas,” the executive said pointing to cyber as an example of a sector that was still evolving.