A quarter of law firms admitted to losing confidential documents

Twenty four percent of UK legal firms have confessed to misplacing at least one mobile device containing confidential documents, according to a new survey.

Thirty-seven percent of lawyers believed that if they did lose their mobile device a hacker could access the data it contains.

Only 13% of those that had lost a mobile device were confident it couldn’t be breached.

Over 90% of lawyers believed their data was protected because it was secured with a password. Four percent don’t use any security whatsoever.

Robert Schifreen, ex-hacker turned IT security consultant, said ‘Passwords are just inadequate if you have confidential sensitive information residing on a mobile device. You can download cracking software from google that can break the average password in less than 30 minutes.’

One in five lawyers used their mobile devices to store corporate and sensitive information. These devices cannot be secured by IT departments.

On their devices lawyers stored: business emails (85%), work contact details (65%), client contact details (50%), firm’s data (42%), client records (34%), contracts (32%), case files (28%) and even security details like passwords and access codes (16%).

Credant Technologies conducted the survey of 100 UK law firms.