The destruction of around 45 Palestinian homes has been documented by human rights campaigners

Volvo machines have been photographed being used in the destruction of around 45 Palestinian homes leading to the displacement of 300 people.

The Swedish machine builder’s equipment and trucks were seen in action on the construction site of Israel’s wall near al-Walaja village in the occupied West Bank in June 2010.

Palestinians living in al-Araqib also witnessed the destructive power of Volvo’s machines when their village was destroyed for the third time by Israeli forces on August 10, according to the campaign group Activestills.

In 2007 Volvo informed the Business and Human Rights Resource Center that it does not condone the use of its products for “destructive purposes”. The company claimed to have no control over the use of its products.

Commenting on the photostory, Volvo’s external relations director, Bill Law, added: "We are not in a position to monitor how every one of our machines is the many countries in which they are operated...At the same time, within our sphere of influence, we have a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility."

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