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  • Headspace: Helle Friberg

    Headspace: Helle Friberg


    ‘If you don’t challenge yourself sometimes, you don’t develop as a person’

  • Moritz Bachmann

    Headspace: Moritz Bachmann


    Moritz Bachmann, head of corporate audit and risk services MCH Group, tells StrategicRISK about how taking risks is his way of life

  • Arnout_van_der_Veer

    Europe’s risk leaders: follow in our footsteps


    As we enter a new year, 10 leading risk management professionals reveal how they reached their current position and their thoughts on a career in risk management

  • Rogelio Bautista Guardeño
    Risk Innovation

    Rogelio Bautista Guardeño


    Rogelio Bautista Guardeño was Spanish company Abengoa’s first risk manager. Now he’s one of the few in Europe to really evolve his role beyond buying insurance. Is it time the rest caught up?

  • Michel Dennery
    Risk Innovation

    Michel Dennery


    Social imbalances will play a major part in future risk mitigation, GDF Suez deputy chief risk officer Michel Dennery believes, with ERM playing a critical role

  • Paul Taylor
    Risk Innovation

    Paul Taylor


    Paul Taylor’s risk management career has spanned nearly 40 years and has taken him across Europe, with some of the largest companies in big business. Who better, then, to take the reins as new Airmic chair?

  • Interview

    Well connected


    Manufacturing and laying sub-sea cables is a complex, big-money business. Luckily for group risk manager Alessandro De Felice, Prysmian takes its risk management very seriously

  • Alessandro De Felice
    Risk Innovation

    Alessandro De Felice


    Manufacturing and laying sub-sea cables is a complex, big-money business. Luckily for group risk manager Alessandro De Felice, Prysmian takes its risk management very seriously

  • Adam Greene
    Risk Innovation

    Adam Greene


    Understanding the behaviour of groups making decisions is at the core of Coca-Cola Hellenic Adam Greene’s strategy, which he believes every employee can and should put into operation

  • Lennart Edström
    Risk Innovation

    Lennart Edström


    At sea, there’s no hiding place from possible disaster. The head of risk at Electrolux, Lennart Edström, thanks his early years in the Merchant Navy for helping him keep business afloat

  • Analysis

    Flying high


    During 13 years in risk management, Frédéric Desitter has gone from being perceived as a ‘messenger of doom’ to being an indispensable part of Aéroports de Paris’ operations

  • Peter Den Dekker crosses the finishing line



    Ferma organised a ice skating race in Stockholm ahead of the forum in October. StrategicRISK was brave (or stupid) enough to join in

  • Gerard Lancner at Amrae 2011

    French risk industry gathers in Deauville


    Gerard Lancner welcomes almost 2000 people to the 19th Les Rencontres

  • Comment

    Philip Osmond, British Airways


    In an exclusive interview, the airline risk boss explains how you can't always plan for every eventuality and why risk resiliency is the order of the day

  • Comment

    Paul Moore


    Having learnt the hard way the HBOS whistleblower explains how you can try to communicate with the board. But it may all be in vain if they're not willing to listen

  • Engaged Investor

    Diasporas transmit risks and opportunities


    As populations shift they can bring benefits to their hosts or put more pressure on these communities

  • Analysis

    Bribery - the UK law tightens


    Even matters such as corporate hospitality need to be scrutinised to avoid penalty

  • Analysis

    BP spill


    Oil rig disaster puts whole industry in deep water

  • Analysis

    Alcatel-Lucent pays $137m to settle bribery charges


    Alcatel allegedly broke Foreign Corrupt Practices rules by paying $8m in bribes to government officials

  • Online only

    Somali pirates extend their reach


    The first Somali hijacking is reported in the Red Sea