In the departure lounge at London Heathrow about to board a flight to Munich – notepad, Dictaphone and cameras in hand – the StrategicRISK team are ready and raring to go, to bring you three solid days of risk management news and analysis from this year’s GVNW symposium

The risk landscape is tougher than ever: globalisation, advancement in technology, geopolitical tensions – they all converge to create a risk landscape of interconnected threats, made more complicated by the emergence of new and challenging risks. It is against this backdrop that risk managers’ roles are changing – and are the very themes that make up this year’s symposium.

No longer considered a ‘back-office compliance’ job, risk managers have deeper responsibilities. Their footing within a business is elevating in importance and their role is becoming more strategic: they are beginning to be heard and some even have a coveted seat at the top table.

We’ve taken these themes to heart – because they are so important for the future of risk management – and over the next few days in Munich, we will bring you all the news, insight, analysis and thought leadership about the transformative role of risk management – and the risks to look out for, online and in print.

Keep checking back on us – there will, indeed, be more news to follow.