Government debates the subject of cyber crime and online security

The House of Lords representatives have suggested that not enough has been done to safeguard the public against the threats presented by the internet and cyber crime.

In August 2007 the Personal Internet Security Report specifically highlighted dangers including online fraud, ID theft and phishing. A follow-up report published in July 2008 put further pressure on the government to make the online world a safer place for users.

While some recommendations are beginning to be implemented, e.g. the establishment of a specialised e-crime police unit, many others have been ignored or put on hold. These include the passing of legislation to ensure banks take responsibility for losses incurred by electronic fraud. Other rules forcing software companies to accept culpability for damage caused by security flaws would enable individuals to report online fraud directly to police rather than to their bank.

Phil Hickman, chairman of ValidSoft said the government should step in and ensure that service providers take responsibility for the security of users.